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Value of Vinyl Sheet Piles

Most traditional embankments, revetments and water control structures are made of steel, concrete or wood. These legacy products are not only expensive but also require ongoing maintenance. For example, concrete can crack, leaving rebar exposed and at risk of rusting. Likewise steel sheet piles can rust, are expensive and require ongoing maintenance. Wood is perishable, and if chemically treated, there is a risk of chemical contamination of water systems and constant maintenance. Hongzhi vinyl sheet piles are corrosion-resistant, rust-free, 100% environmentally friendly and require no continuous maintenance, making them ideal for managing river and marine engineering, environmental renovation and environmental protection projects. If you are looking for a technical solution that is both environmentally friendly and durable, Prosperity Vinyl Sheet Pile is the perfect solution for you. Feel free to contact us any time.

It Can Be Widely Used For:

  • River and Waterway revetment
  • Landscape hydrophilic revetment
  • Dike harness and management: Flood control, anti-pipe surge, anti-seepage
  • Farmland impoundment, water saving and sewage treatment
  • Partition wall in ecologically fragile area
  • Stability Wall by the highway, and forest road slope


  • FA

    FA Series Vinyl Sheet Piles

    It is used in river revetment, ecological revetment, highway slope and other projects.

    Compact and light, more can be combined with other kinds of small caliber pile, increase the strength, also can be used as a drag plate to increase the strength of shore protection.

  • MA Series Vinyl Sheet Piles

    It is used in river revetment, ecological revetment, anti-scouring and anti-seepage projects.

    Higher strength, more ductile, earthquake resistance, in practical use, can form a variety of revetment types.

  • ZA

    ZA Series Vinyl Sheet Piles

    Used in river revetment, ecological revetment and other projects.

    Upgraded products, higher strength, show better performance.

Provide 3 categories of 20 piles of various sizes, we can according to different use scenarios and working conditions, provide personalized results according to the scheme. For specific size, please contact us.

Advantages of vinyl sheet piles

Hongzhi vinyl sheet pile has significant advantages compared with traditional methods:
  • All energy required for production is solar energy, green energy, and green production.
  • Competitive price for our vinyl sheet piles.
  • Compared with steel sheet piles, the carbon emission is extremely low, our vinyl sheet piles are 100% environmentally friendly and durable, and do not contain heavy metals and plasticizers.
  • 100% new material production, vinyl sheet piles have high strength, good toughness and are not easy to break.
  • The raw material of vinyl sheet piles adopts fire-resistant formula, which is anti-corrosion and anti-moth, anti-aging, good durability, no mildew and rot, and anti-moth.
  • Our vinyl sheet piles have good weather resistance, anti-aging, weathering, anti-sun, etc.
  • Light product weight.
  • The construction is simple, the noise is low, and it will not affect the surrounding residents; the construction is light, and the construction can be carried out quickly with a small amount of labor and small machinery, and the construction site is safer.
  • The vinyl sheet piles are transported and stacked neatly without causing road pollution.

Vinyl Sheet Piles Manufacturers

Zhejiang Hongzhi New Materials Co., Ltd is China vinyl sheet piles suppliers and vinyl seawall bulkhead panels company, It is an innovative manufacturing enterprise engaged in the R&D and production of vinyl sheet piling, vinyl sheet pile wall, vinyl seawall panels, vinyl bulkhead sheets.
The company's workshop area exceeds 100,000 square meters, with more than 20 various sheet pile production lines and a comprehensive product testing laboratory. We are equipped with a solar power generation system that provides all the energy required for production, which makes our manufacturing greener and more environmentally friendly.
Zhejiang Hongzhi New Materials has now become the important vinyl sheet pile manufacturer in Asia.
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Vinyl Sheet Piles Industry Knowledge Extension

Vinyl Sheet Piles are a retaining wall system made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. They are commonly used in construction and civil engineering projects to retain soil and water, as well as to prevent erosion and protect structures from damage. Vinyl sheet piles are lightweight, durable, and easy to install, making them an attractive alternative to traditional retaining wall systems made of materials such as steel, concrete, or wood.
One of the advantages of vinyl plank pilings is that they are resistant to corrosion and decay, which means they can last for decades without requiring extensive maintenance or replacement. They are also resistant to chemical and biological degradation, making them suitable for use in marine and coastal environments. Additionally, vinyl plank piles are highly impact and abrasion resistant, making them a reliable choice for projects requiring a strong and durable retaining wall.

What Products Does Vinyl Sheet Piles Include?
Vinyl piling is a term used to describe a range of products made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material that is commonly used in construction and civil engineering projects to retain soil and water. Some products that fall into the vinyl piling category include:
1. Vinyl Sheet Stakes: These are flat, interlocking sheets of PVC material that can be used to create retaining walls for a variety of applications, including flood control, coastal erosion control, and infrastructure projects.
2. Vinyl bulkheads: These are vertical walls made of PVC material, often used in marine environments to prevent shoreline erosion and protect structures from wave action.
3. Vinyl Seawall Panels: These are retaining walls made of PVC material designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment, including saltwater exposure and wave action.
4. Vinyl Stakes: These are vertical supports made of PVC material that can be used to support various structures such as piers, piers, and bridges.
5. Vinyl Docks and Dock Systems: These are complete docks and dock systems made of PVC material that can be customized to meet specific project requirements such as water depth, vessel size, and weather conditions.
Overall, vinyl piling products are a versatile and effective solution for a wide variety of architectural and civil engineering projects requiring retaining walls, braces, or structures that can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

What Are Vinyl Sheet Piles Used For?
Vinyl slab piles are used in a variety of construction and civil engineering projects that require retaining walls to hold back soil or water. Some common applications for vinyl plank piles include:
1. Flood control: Vinyl sheet piles are often used in flood control projects to prevent water from overflowing river banks or other waterways.
2. Coastal Erosion Control: Vinyl slab piles are suitable for use in marine environments to prevent coastal erosion and protect structures from wave action.
3. Retaining Walls: Vinyl sheet piles are a cost-effective alternative to traditional retaining wall systems made of materials such as steel, concrete, or wood.
4. Infrastructure projects: Vinyl sheet piles are commonly used in infrastructure projects such as abutments, culvert header walls, and seawalls.
5. Environmental protection projects: Vinyl sheet piles are suitable for environmental protection projects such as wetland restoration and coastline stabilization.
6. Temporary structures: Vinyl slab pilings are a popular choice for temporary structures such as cofferdams, used to create dry work areas in water environments.
7. Groundwater Control: Vinyl sheet pilings can be used to control groundwater by creating impervious walls or seepage barriers.
Overall, vinyl slab pilings are a versatile and effective solution for a variety of construction and civil engineering projects that require retaining walls to hold back soil or water.

Where Are Vinyl Sheet Piles Suitable?
Vinyl plank piles are suitable for a variety of environments and soil conditions. Some factors that may affect their suitability include soil type, groundwater conditions, seismic activity, and the presence of corrosive substances.
Here are some of the environments in which vinyl plank piles are particularly useful:
1. Marine and Coastal Environments: Vinyl plank piles are highly resistant to salt water, making them a reliable choice for controlling coastal erosion and marine infrastructure projects.
2. Soft soils and poor ground conditions: Vinyl sheet piles are lightweight and easy to install, making them ideal for retaining walls in soft soils or poor ground conditions.
3. Urban environments: Vinyl plank stakes can be installed quickly and quietly, making them suitable for urban areas where noise and disturbance must be minimized.
4. Water treatment plants: Vinyl plank piles are resistant to chemicals and biological agents, making them ideal for use in water treatment plants and other environments exposed to corrosive substances.
5. Historic Sites and Landmarks: Vinyl plank pilings are a low-impact solution that can be installed without disturbing the ground or damaging historic structures.