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Advantages of Vinyl Bulkhead Sheets Over Wood and Steel Seawalls

Jun 30,2023

Typically, bulkheads are constructed of wood or steel. They are used to protect waterfront properties from erosion and flooding. Some are designed with a look that compliments the home while others are more of a utilitarian design to simply get the job done. Wooden bulkheads have lower up-front costs but do not last as long as vinyl bulkhead sheets and require periodic repair or replacement.

The life of a wooden bulkhead depends on the location of the property, wave exposure and current. A wood bulkhead can be expected to last upwards of 50 years. If properly maintained it can be expected to do the job for much longer.

Marine grade vinyl is impervious to normal rot, corrosion and wood-boring critters which makes it an extremely durable and attractive material for seawall construction. The material is also UV resistant, which helps to maintain its bright appearance for a long time, and it is not affected by the salt in the air.

The material is also very cost efficient. It does not require paint, pressure treatment or waterproofing which reduces maintenance and ongoing repair costs over the lifetime of the seawall. This type of construction can be a good alternative to wood or steel seawalls and provides many advantages including:

Vinyl is also sustainable because it is made from 100% recycled PVC and can be reused after the end of its service life. It is a great option to consider for your next marine construction project.

Like other piling options, PVC sheet piles can be installed mechanically using vibratory hammers or driven by a backhoe or excavator. When installing long PVC elements, mandrels can be used to keep the piles aligned. This method allows for faster installations and a higher quality finished product. In addition, vinyl sheet piles do not rust in seawater and are not susceptible to marine borers, which make them superior to timber solutions.

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